Bodywork Services


If you are new to massage and you aren’t sure which type of massage is best for you, we will be happy to match you with the most fitting massage that will best meet your needs.


We specialize in combining stress relieving relaxation work, deep tissue work, techniques for chronic and acute pain relief and more to achieve the goal you set for the session.

Each client is different and unique as is each massage session at Season of Healing. Your body, mind and spirit will be honored and full respect will be taken for every individual who comes through our door.

Massage services include:

Relaxation Massage
Deep Tissue
Thai Yoga Massage
Couples Massage


Season of Healing now proudly offers new moms/families and babies several maternal wellness services. In following her personal passion of wanting to help bridge the gap between prenatal and postpartum care.

Maternal Wellness Services include:

Pre & Postnatal Bodywork
Infant Massage classes


A relaxing and passive way to remove ear wax and debris from the outer portion of the ear canal. No flushing, no discomfort. Relief from: pressure in the ear, hearing loss, plugged feeling, TMJD, sinus pressure, ear discomfort from air travel and more. An ancient healing art that really works!